Human Identical Hormones

Hormone Balance Evaluation and Management

Is STRESS impacting your health?  Tired of being tired?
Do you feel like you have a hormone imbalance?
Have you recently been diagnosed with peri-menopause, PMS, chronic fatigue or depression?

If you are suffering from one or more of the following symptoms, then you could benefit from Hormone Imbalance testing and treatment.

Decreased Sex Drive Abdominal Weight Gain Tired in the Morning/Afternoon
Cyclic Moddiness Fuzzy Thinking Inability to Concentrate
Irritability Low Energy Loss of Self-Confidence
Hot Flashes New Onset Depression Inability to Manage Stress
Memory Lapses Difficulty Sleeping Inability to Lose Weight

Your Individual Consultation

Your initial visit/consultation will involve a thorough medical history, health timeline, and physical evaluation. This will take an hour or longer and is individualized for each patient.

A thorough laboratory evaluation will be undertaken utilizing saliva and blood testing of your key hormones. We not only test the Reproductive Hormones (Estrogen, Estrone, Estriol, Progesterone, DHEA, Testosterone, and Dihydrotestosterone), but we also test an expanded Thyroid panel as well as a 4 point cortisol to evaluate your Adrenal System.  These 2 systems are so often thrown out of balance in response to STRESS and all three of these systems function together and thereby an imbalance in one leads to an imbalance in another.

Further, if any immune or intestinal symptoms are discovered we will ask you to collect stool specimens to evaluate possible underlying problems such as food allergies, lack of pancreatic enzyme production, fungal or parasitic infections, bacterial imbalances, or leaky gut syndrome. These intestinal malfunctions can lead to many health problems including chronic fatigue symptoms, weight that won’t come off, fibromyalgia, and can lead to autoimmune disease like Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Diabetes, Lupus, Rheumatoid arthritis, Psoriasis, and others.

A 30 to 60 minute follow-up visit for treatment planning will be scheduled where we review the results of your initial testing together. If testing reveals an imbalance, adjustments to diet, sleep, and exercise will be discussed and recommendations for nutritional supplements are made as necessary. When indicated low-dose human-identical hormone cream, injections or pellets may be prescribed to help restore your normal hormone balance.

Further follow-up visits will be scheduled. The first one, two months after the testing review/treatment session, to review any noted changes and evaluate for any problems. The treatment regimen may be adjusted as suggested by clinical response. A second follow-up visit will be scheduled 2-4 months after that to plan for a clinical symptom review and to schedule re-testing for “fine-tuning” of your hormonal balance. Additional testing for further issues will be ordered as needed.

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You're in Good Hands

Dr. Rohde, the Medical Director of Renew Total Body Wellness Center, is a board-certified Family Physician with 27 years of experience treating male, female, and thyroid hormone disorders and deficiencies. He has a special interest in diagnosing and treating even the most subtle of hormone imbalances.


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