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I am a Board Certified Family Physician in Decatur, Illinois and I am Fellowship Trained and Board Certified in Regenerative and Anti-Aging Medicine by the American Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. I have provided caring, comprehensive patient care in central Illinois since 1991. This included practicing obstetrics for 15 years!

My goal is to help as many people as possible to heal and restore their health.

I want you to Live Your Best Life!!

Meet Dr. Rohde

Dr. Rohde is the founder and director of Renew. He has provided comprehensive and personal patient care in Decatur since he completed his residency training in 1991. In addition to patient care he held teaching appointments with the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine for 15 years.


Regenerative Medicine
Functional Medicine
Anti Aging Medicine
Nutritional IV Treatments
Ozone Treatments – Major Autohemotherapy – 10 Pass Treatment
UltraViolet Blood Treatments (UVBI or BPT)
Energy Medicine: Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Treatments (PEMF)
Bio-identical Hormone Replacement / Hormone Balancing
Saliva Testing
Nutritional Supplmentation


Joint Injections – Prolozone, PRP, Regenerative Cells, Exosomes
Varicose and Spider Vein Injection
No Needle, No Scalpel Vasectomy

My Wellness Practice is UNIQUE. Renew utilizes a PERSONALIZED REGENERATIVE FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE approach to your health. What does this mean? Your evaluation and your treatment plan is based on your personal history and lab evaluation. This data is synthesized into your individualized roadmap back to your best function.

Metabolism is the process your body uses to make energy from the food you eat from which everything begins. First, if your gut is not healthy the process starts to break down here and abnormalities in function begin to appear in other body systems. If you have heartburn and take medication for it, then you have a gut problem that needs to be evaluated and fixed – Remember – no one was born with a “purple pill” deficiency!

The energy made by every cell in your body runs multiple chemical and hormonal reactions in the body allowing normal function. A metabolic disorder occurs when poorly functioning or abnormal chemical reactions in your body disrupt this process and lead to imbalances leading to disease or illness. One area of imbalance in your body is not unlike one unbalanced wheel on your car – you can feel it in the entire vehicle. A good example is diabetes – it is a metabolic disorder of the pancreas but it starts to cause other metabolic problems that begin to involve and negatively affect multiple areas and organs of your body.

  • My First Tenet is “The Human Body is Self Healing”
  • My second Tenet is “The Human Body Does Nothing Without a Reason”

The above example of heartburn does not simply require a pill to block acid production but instead an investigation why it is producing more acid. My job is to identify the areas of breakdown of the normal metabolic processes in your body that are causing your specific symptoms via thorough specialized testing. Once we have determined the cause of your symptoms I can then help you start YOUR UNIQUE restoration program to return your body to full function through various treatment modalities. These include lifestyle change such as nutrition changes or enhancements, supplying missing nutrients or hormones, detoxification of chemicals and toxins, supporting or readjusting the immune system, or encouraging the release of personal stress, and then working to prevent future recurrence of the problem.

All of your body’s systems and biochemical functions are about BALANCE. Your body will heal and return to balance or homeostasis given the right ingredients and support! Remember Tenet #1: The human body is self healing!

Mainstream allopathic or western medicine uses man-made drugs to try to alter the natural process of metabolism and induce an artificial state in which undesirable symptoms are not allowed to be expressed or are merely suppressed. Again – Tenet # 1 – The Body is Self Healing – the body will often “push or fight back” against a medication that forces or suppresses a normal function causing side effects. Forcing or suppressing does not allow the body to heal or restore and allow natural balanced function to return. Frequently these medications also affect other metabolic systems and can lead to further problems or side effects. Statin cholesterol medications are a perfect example – we need cholesterol to make hormones, build healthy cells, and keep our energy furnaces running. Elevated cholesterol is a sign that metabolic processes are in disarray and inflammation is present in the body as cholesterol is a mechanism of repair. If we find and fix the cause of the inflammation then we see cholesterol levels return to normal ranges and avoid the significant side effects of statin medications – muscle and joint aches and pains, liver inflammation, lack of energy, and most importantly as proven in recent studies – provocation of diabetes, dementia, and even Parkinson’s disease! Again, no one was born with a statin deficiency!

I have learned a lot from you, my patients, over the years. Most importantly that you want someone who will listen, and then someone who will help. I care for all age groups from infants to senior citizens in a holistic manner providing compassionate care in a comfortable, friendly office setting.

I work with a great group of outstanding, personally selected office staff that I feel will provide you with excellent care.

I pride myself on continually learning about new areas of medicine and new procedures to provide you with better care. I have taken advanced training and educated myself about alternative care therapies and procedures in the past and I am proud that I have completed my Fellowship in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. I continue to attend educational meetings to remain abreast of the latest advances in managing chronic health issues like autoimmune and inflammatory conditions including rheumatoid arthritis, degenerative joint disease, Psoriasis, Hashimoto’s, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimers, ALS.

The most exciting changes are in regenerative medicine utilizing oxidative or ozone medicine, platelet rich plasma, exosomes, and stem cells to help heal the body. We will continue to incorporate these new treatments and new modalities into our healing services and utilize them when we feel they provide you with the best alternatives to traditional allopathic medical practices.

As an aging “baby boomer” I desire to maintain my health through a clean diet, regular exercise, and hormonal balance at an age appropriate level. I augment a reasonable lifestyle with bio-identical hormones and nutritional supplementation to be my best! I maintain my outward appearance in a manner similar to how I maintain my inner health.

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