Office Visit Cost and Billing Information

Office Visits

Payment Is Expected At The Time Of Service

As a courtesy we will bill Blue Cross and Consociate, with whom we have a contract, for some of your basic labs and your office visit. We must have registration paperwork completed and on file along with a front and back copy of your insurance card to be able to bill for these services.

If you have a remaining deductible we will require payment for your service at the time of the visit as you are responsible for the cost of your visit along with any lab work or procedures until your deductible is fully met. Please come prepared to pay for these costs AT your visit as you know you are liable for them. We will NOT bill you for these charges, they are due at the time of your visit.

If we do not have a contract with your carrier and you are “out of network” or you have no healthcare insurance your visit will be Self Pay. We have reasonable cash pay prices. You will be asked to pay for your visit at the time of service. Please come prepared to pay for these charges with cash, checks, or credit cards at the time of your visit. We will provide a receipt for your visit. We can provide a HCFA form for you to turn into your insurance  but due to the staff time to prepare this paperwork we charge $25.00 for this service.


The lab work ordered for each individual will of course be variable based on their unique history and clinical situation. We will bill contracted insurance carriers only for “standard” blood testing. Saliva testing is not billable. Some portions of your stool testing is billable, some you will be required to pay as insurance will not cover these specialized DNA tests. We will discuss more advanced testing required to help diagnose your ROOT PROBLEM(S) with you. These Advanced stool and urine tests we utilize in our functional medicine evaluation are either never reimbursed, or so poorly reimbursed by insurance that this is often below our charge from the testing laboratory. These must be paid for at the time of your appointment.

If YOU ask to have lab work performed at an outside lab where your insurance will cover your testing we will add a “Lab Handling Fee” to your visit charges. This fee is payable at the time of your service. Labs drawn in office and performed through our reference lab flow directly into your chart and simplify handling of results and prevent medical errors. Lab results from outside labs arrive in paper format and staff must manually enter those values into your chart for them to be useful. The “Lab Handling Fee” pays for staff time necessary to manually enter those values into your chart.

If WE ask you to have labs performed at an outside lab because the test requires special handling we are unable to do in office, then the outside lab fee does NOT apply.

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