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Regenerative Medicine – Renew My Joint
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Our Body is Designed to Heal Itself

Regenerative medicine (RM) can use the body’s own power to “heal from within” to repair and replace damaged tissues at the cellular level.

Many things can interfere with our Body’s ability to repair itself and heal:

Those we have NO control over – AGING!!

Aging can lead to decreased function, increased susceptibility to injury, and ultimately Dis-ease which can lead to Dis-ability. Remember how quickly a cut or a muscle strain healed when we were young ?? We had lots of healthy stem cells to release lots of healing factors that led to rapid healing. As we age this ability decreases as the number of stem cells we have available to heal decreases. Worse, our stem cells themselves are aging as we are  and don’t function as well as they used to and therefor the amount of healing factors they can release decreases. As a result healing is slowed.

We need help with healing as we age to prevent Dis-ease. Remember, health is not merely the absence of a Dis-ease as many of the unwanted changes that lead to a Dis-ease are occurring beneath the surface while we are living our daily lives. We want to prevent that progression to prevent Dis-ease from occurring. Next are some lifestyle items we can control to prevent damage to our body and prevent progression to Dis-ease.

Those we CAN control – Diet and Lifestyle

Some Simple Places to make Changes:

  • Poor Nutrition

The SAD or Standard American Diet – is horrible for longevity and health! Processed foods loaded with chemicals from the “modern” farming practices we are told are necessary. Is Glyphosate, a known carcinogen, necessary in your food? Unhealthy fats are used in processing food ingredients which drive inflammation in the body. Then chemicals like flavorings and colorants are added to make low quality ingredients taste better. All of these “goodies” impede healing or WORSE – speed degeneration and lead to earlier onset of Dis-ease! Rethink what you’re putting into your body – buy as much organic food as you can afford and use healthy fats to prepare real food meals like your grandmother used to make.

  • Smoking

This loads the body with 100’s of toxins and even chemicals used in the processing of the tobacco! All of these toxins mixed together drive inflammation in the body and just smoking decreases tissue oxygen delivery – the most vital ingredient for cell health! The number one toxin in cigarettes isn’t nicotine – it’s Arsenic! If your spouse was putting it into your food – you would be upset to say the least! But it’s ok to put it into your body with each puff you take?? Time to make a better decision so you can Live Your Best Life!

  • Stress and Sleep

Many of us are suffering with this one.We restore our body at night when we sleep. Lack of restorative sleep rapidly begins to interfere with our body’s healing capacity! Rotating shifts – killer for your body’s ability to heal as it never gets into a normal restorative pattern of sleep! Staffing cuts at work and we’re asked to pick up the extra work. More to do so we take it home and then we sleep less – again bad for our body’s ability to heal.  We’re running on overdrive and our brains can’t shut down – it’s hard to fall asleep, and worse, we wake up in the middle of the night and our brain starts to run again. Worse, we awaken tired to start the process all over 

  • Hormones

Toxins from our food and environment that build up in our body can interfere with our ability to produce hormones that helps us function and heal. I see many young women in their 20’s and 30’s that can’t get pregnant or young men who don’t have the sperm count needed to get their partner pregnant. When I measure hormone levels in these young men and women they often have lower hormone levels than there parents!! As we start to explore we discover they are loaded with often dozens of toxins that affect ovaries and testicles and their ability to make appropriate levels of hormones as well as eggs and sperm. Scientists are predicting we may be unable to reproduce without assisted reproduction in 2 or 3 generations!

  • Medications

Our American healthcare system is a mess! We are a pill loving society – almost every corner has some drug store present to supply our habit! If you go to the doctor you often leave with a prescription for a pill to “treat” the latest symptom you told your well meaning doctor about. They don’t have time to spend with you to figure out the real or “root” cause of your problem so you are given a pill for a symptom and rushed out the door. Unfortunately medications have side effects – and if you’re on more that one pill, the risk of side effects and interactions starts to increase. Think about it this way – we are less than about 5% of the worlds population yet we consume 85% of the worlds medications. Worse, we spend about $10,000 per person on healthcare annually, much of that due to the cost of our medications, yet we are ranked 37th in the world for health outcomes – way behind many “developing” countries !!!

  • Lack of Exercise

“Sitting is the new Smoking”! Simple to understand. Average Americans get very little exercise in a given day. Anything you can do to improve that is a good start. It is simple to start walking. You don’t need a membership to a club and you don’t have to drive anywhere to get started – all you need is a good pair of shoes – Simple. You can even walk up and down a hallway or walk laps around your kitchen table if the weather isn’t cooperating. Another simple solution is a small rebounder trampoline. These cost less than $100 and can come with a handle to get on and off the tramp if you are a bit unsteady on your feet when you’re getting started. All you need is to lightly bounce for a few minutes multiple times during the day to get started. Rebounding helps boost your white blood cell count and function, which is your immune system so it helps fight infections. If you’re getting a cold – start rebounding more vigorously! Your white blood cell count will jump up and your immune system will kill the cold!

Give Your Body a Healing Boost – Call Renew To Live Your Best Life


What can Renew do to give your body a boost – to help it heal? We can work together with you to determine what your present state of health is and help you determine the “root cause” of your symptoms and health problems. Then we can develop a plan to improve or restore your body’s best healing potential! This is what we call Regenerative Medicine. We feel regenerative medicine is the future of healthcare – helping your body’s cells, organs and tissues restore and establish normal function. The earlier you start, the greater your chances of success and avoiding Dis-ease. Dr. Rohde’s goal for you is to help you drop dead healthy at 100!

  • Evaluate and Treat Nutritional and Biochemical abnormalities.

The majority of patients I see have multiple nutritional deficiencies that prevent them from being their best!

  • Evaluate and Treat Intestinal or Gut Health

Most Americans have gut issues they often consider “normal” because they have had issues for so long or don’t know better. Irritable bowel isn’t normal, neither is heartburn and they both have real causes that can be fixed! Everything that happens in our body depends on our guts’ ability to break down or digest the foods we eat and then absorb the nutrients into the body to make them available for the biochemical processes that make us function at our best. You can put in the most expensive nutrients and organic foods, but if your gut function isn’t optimal you merely end up with expensive poop!! Money down the toilet.

  • Evaluate and Replace needed Hormones.

Toxins are taking their toll on our ability to maintain normal hormone levels to keep our body’s functioning at optimal levels. Add aging to that and many patients are really struggling with hormonal imbalances.

  • Evaluate and Treat Stored Toxins

We live in a polluted environment. The average woman at delivery now has up to 300 chemicals that can be detected in cord blood sent for a chemical analysis. Our next generation is swimming in these toxins which affect every chemical process and developing cell in the baby’s body! Is it any wonder we are seeing childhood cancers at an earlier age and an increase in autism, allergies, asthma, and ADD in our children? Every woman should have a toxin evaluation BEFORE they consider pregnancy to help eliminate as much of this chemical burden as possible to help grow a healthy next generation without the increasing incidence of devastating Dis-ease at a younger age!

Regenerative Booster Options

Each of these Regenerative or Healing options has a specific place in a personalized treatment program.

Each of these has a dedicated page for more in depth information – just click the links.

Membrane Healing and the PK Protocol

All the cells and even the organelles in each cell in our body are composed of lipids or fats. The lipids in the membrane control the function of the membrane – keeping some products inside and some outside. The lipids in the membrane are fluid, and therefore in motion, and are constantly adapting to the changing environment. There are mechanisms that allow some products to enter or leave the cell either actively or passively. If the proper membrane structure is not maintained, then a breakdown in function of that cell or cells occurs and can lead to dysfunction or even death of that cell. The body has an innate repair mechanism that helps it to heal by repairing the membranes or replacing damaged cells. If enough cells are damaged then the organ or the entire body can become unstable enough to cease functioning properly leading to illnesses like Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinsons, Alzheimers, or even lead to death!

Unfortunately in our present modern day society we are exposed to toxins that can damage our cell membranes by replacing healthy normal lipids with abnormal ones from the poor quality processed foods we eat. Think trans fats, reheated (thus oxidized) cooking oils used to deep fry foods, etc. . Another issue is cholesterol medication like statins that interfere with normal fat utilization to make healthy cell walls. If this change in lipids is overwhelming enough then cell membranes can become stiff, and can actually allow permanent openings to form between inside and outside of the membrane allowing access to the inner cell by chemicals, toxins, and even viruses and bacteria. Think about the intracellular location of chronic Lyme disease for instance – how did it get there if your membranes are intact? It would then make sense that we need to change how we are nourishing our body and work on healing the membranes in our body to restore normal function and allow health to return.

To approach illness and disease one must begin with the health of the cell membrane. Each of us is born with genetic susceptibility, but it may be an insult from our environment that turns on the expression of those susceptibilities. For example, Parkinson’s disease is linked to exposure to pesticides, but the symptoms of Parkinson’s will not be expressed unless one has the genetic vulnerability for Parkinson’s. The use of balanced fatty acids is pivotal to changing this presentation along with stimulation of methylation which drives gene expression. Methyl agents include methylcobalamin, riboflavin and folinic acid which must be in sync with balanced lipid nutriture for the patient to respond to nutritional intervention.


Ozone is Supercharged Oxygen. Every cell in the body needs oxygen and glucose to function. When we expose oxygen to an electric current the O2 molecule dissociates and rearranges into an O3 molecule. This molecule has unique healing properties in the body. It is used in almost all countries of the world to treat infections like bacteria, viruses, molds with its oxidant action that kills these Disease producing invaders. Our own cells have a potent anti-oxidant system which protects them from the potent oxidation effects of ozone. There is NO Resistance to ozone unlike that which develops to antibiotics so the killing effects are unlimited. Ozone is even used to treat cancer in other countries.

Ozone works in many ways in the body. Click on the links below to get more details

Ozone can be used in many ways in the body to promote healing, repair and regeneration. Click on the links below for more information:

     1. Major Autohemotherapy

This treatment removes a small amount of blood from your body into a glass IV bottle which is then treated with high dose ozone under pressure to increase the amount of ozone that attaches to the red blood cells. This is then re-infused into the body where it has a wonderful healing effect. 

     2. UVBI

Combining ozone with UV light to help treat bacterial, viral, and fungal infections is a winning combination. Using UVBI is like making your own immunization against whatever infection you have in your body. Like using killed influenza to make a vaccine. The immune system makes antibodies to the dead viral particles and can then go after and destroy other similar virus particles found anywhere in the body. UVBI helps balance the immune system so it is extremely useful to help manage Autoimmune diseases like Hashimoto’s, Lupus, Rheumatoid, Psoriasis and others – without side-effect prone expensive pharmaceuticals.

     3. Prolozone

Ozone combined with a mixture of healing supplements like Procaine (a healing anesthetic), Dextrose, B12, and also Traumeel (a homeopathic anti-inflammatory medication). This can help treat acute and chronic joint pain and inflammation. It stimulates healing and tightening of damaged ligaments to help restore normal function. It can also be used to inject trigger points to stimulate healing and relieve pain from these muscle spasm knots.

Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP

PRP is a concentration of your body’s healing plasma proteins that is derived from your own blood by processing it in a centrifuge to remove red blood cells. The resulting PRP is a wonderful product to boost repair and healing when it is injected back into a specific body area. We have learned that we can significantly amplify that healing effect by concentrating those growth factors and injecting them into areas of the body that need special healing attention. The beauty of using PRP is that the side effects of PRP injections are limited only to the injection itself because the PRP is created from your own blood so your body will not reject PRP or react negatively to it.

Simply stated, when platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is injected, then stem cells multiply and help grow new younger tissue. This has been proven by tissue biopsy studies. For example, an injured knee is injected with PRP and this signals the attraction of healing products from your body like your own stem cells. At times ultrasound guidance is used to place the PRP exactly where it is needed.

The Renew “O So Good Shot”

Why do we call it the “O So Good Shot”?  Because it has so many regenerative and healing applications in the body – it’s O So Good! Let’s explore each of these areas that the “O So Good Shot” can help.

  1. Sexual Enhancement – Both men and women benefit from PRP injections. Women have improved arousal and an improved ability to orgasm, often with a stronger orgasm. Men have increased size, both length and girth, and improved circulation with an improved ability to obtain an erection and also an improved ability to maintain erections. It can make medications like Viagra or Cialis work better and it can help improve the complications diabetes can cause with erections.
  2. Urinary Incontinence – A wonderful option for women with urinary incontinence issues. Injection of the PRP in the area under the urethra helps build collagen. This can help decrease or minimize urine loss with straining during an exercise session, coughing, or even simply laughing with a friend! This is a simple way to reduce or eliminate these socially embarrassing problems!!
  3. Cosmetic and Dermatologic Procedures –  PRP is hugely beneficial in procedures to stimulate new collagen growth which unfortunately decreases with aging. Collagen is the scaffolding or structure that supports the skin and as it diminishes the aging changes become progressively more apparent. Unfortunately we accelerate this process over time by normal daily activities like whistling, drinking from a straw, frowning, prolonged exposure to sun, smoking, and even worse – the poor nutrition of the highly processed Standard American diet (SAD). This leads to the less than desirable appearance of wrinkles, tear troughs, nasolabial folds and others. It also helps with treatment of acne scars! PRP stimulates new collagen growth and helps minimize wrinkles and rejuvenates the face, hands, and other skin areas to erase years from your appearance. Imagine – a cosmetic boost that helps minimize the need for Botox and fillers!!
  4. Osteoarthritis and Joint Injuries – These are a huge issue as are sports or work injuries. Inflamed painful joints interfere with our daily function. We can’t work, we can’t walk well, we can’t play sports, we can’t play with our grand kids, it even interferes with intimacy in a relationship! Unfortunately joints don’t heal well! They have a poor blood supply, and therefor a poor oxygen supply which is vital for healing. This is especially true as we age. This can slow recovery and healing to a snails pace. More studies are emerging that PRP helps improve joint lubrication which improves function. It also helps decrease inflammation and pain from injuries like a strained tendon or muscle, a rotator cuff injury, tennis elbow, bursitis, heel spurs and others and can even help to rebuild cartilage damaged by years of overuse or injured in an athletic or work event.

Stem Cells

Our Stem Cells are a part of our healing and repair mechanism. When we were young we had lots of stem cells that were fresh and energetic. Unfortunately our stem cells age as we do and so the repair mechanism also starts to slow as we age – the very definition of aging!! Think about how quickly a cut or injury healed when we were young or when we observe our kids or grandkids healing from an injury, and how that same process takes longer as we age! We have far fewer stem cells and the ones we have don’t work well as they are as old as we are. Is it any wonder why older people have joint pains and some end up with surgery? Surgery should be our last recourse as it can be fraught with complications like infections that can be disabling and even life-threatening!

Enter Stem cell therapy. This wonderful modality is being used to boost or augment our body’s natural ability to heal. We can boost our own body’s ability to stimulate new stem cells and then also release more stem cells from our bone marrow to improve healing. High dose Ozone can accomplish this boost to our healing. Changing our diet and lifestyle as mentioned above is great place to start. Adding needed micronutrients through the use of nutritional supplements to replace what we don’t get from our poor quality processed modern food supply is very important, and also an easy first step.

Finally we can add stem cells obtained from young healthy volunteer donors to specific areas that need repair or healing. These can often lead to dramatic results. To read more about specific stem cell therapy click the link above.

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