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We all attempt to do our best with a “clean” diet, but we occasionally fall off the wagon. Other times we discover we inherited a metabolic abnormality that needs support to optimize function. Sometimes we need help with “housecleaning” or toxin removal as we live in a polluted world and we learn about stored environmental toxins and we need to help our body in it’s most important role in keeping us healthy. Whatever the reason, the supplements we suggest and sell are the “best of the best”. I personally investigate each supplement and supplement manufacturer to make sure they will do what they say they will. All of our products are GLUTEN and TOXIN FREE. Some contain ingredients sourced from Europe where grains are more often non-GMO and therefore contain no glyphosate residues to ensure safety when using them. ¬†Everything we sell has my personal stamp of approval and I use many of them myself so you can buy in absolute confidence.

I have created a few bundled items as I am often asked for suggestions such as “What supplements should I take as a minimum baseline for my best health?” You will find that answer below in our Basic Daily Starter Bundle. I always suggest the best approach beyond a few basics is based on targeted testing. The goal should be to support healing or a specific need and should be re-evaluated for continued need as the body returns to normal function. Too many supplements leads to “Pill Fatigue”, and can also become expensive. Let me and our staff guide you.

Basic Daily Starter Bundle:

  1. Renew Multi Max – 2 caps am and pm (Multivitamin)
  2. Renew EPA/DHA Fish Oil – 1 cap am and pm (Fish Oil)
  3. Renewbiotic 5-25 1 cap daily (Probiotic)
  4. Renew D3/K2 caps or drops (Vitamin D with Vitamin K) Dosing guided by testing


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